Fly like an eagle…..

Posted: September 8, 2006 in Uncategorized

Even though Connexion is now history the ability to make phone calls as well as access the Internet while onboard an airplane is still a hot issue. Just imagine the productivity “loss” suffered by people who travel on short-haul commuter type flights. If these people were able so make & receive calls (or even use an internet connection) it would make for time better spent.

Off course it will also increase the “static blabber” onboard the plane combined with the mandetory elbow-bumping by people attempting to use a laptop in the limited space available…

WiFi networking news has a good article about it today. It mentions Ryanair’s plans in this market and give a good idea about the money value of this type of service. By it’s American slant on the matter it also illustrates how we European are overcharged for our phone services in comparison to the costs of the same service in the US…



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