Looks like the PSP will get even better.

Posted: February 11, 2007 in psp, skype, voip

I am a great believer in Sony’s PSP.
Not as a gaming console, because quite honestly gaming just bores the hell out of me.
However it is a handgeld console that has one of the best screens that I have seen in any device of it’s size, it has built in WiFi, a memory slot, an excellent control interface, a browser and lots more.
See it as a PDA on steroids.
Add a decent PIM, email, and a whole range of web based applications to currently multi-media players and it’s an almost unbeatable combination.
What is also important is that it costs less than half of a high end PDA.
Since it’s release snippets of code have shown up in the firmware updates that indicate what Sony is working on.
It now seems that they are working on incorporating VOIP and that it will most likely be a cooperation with Skype.
More info can be found here


kick it on kick.ie


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