launches ‘Fair Wi-fi’ campaign.

Posted: February 11, 2007 in hotel, pricing, wifi

I nearly missed it but thanks to a post by Dean Bubley on “Disruptive Wireless” I noticed it (more than a week after the start…). has started an online petition to combat the often ridiculous charges for WiFi access in hotels. It’s UK centric but I would still encourage everyone to sign the petition.

Now anyone that nows me should be aware that I opose venues charging for WiFi, period. The cost of providing WiFi access (even venue wide) is relatively low and doesn’t compare to the extra revenue that providing free WiFi access will bring to the venue. Now I’m not talking about a 4Mbps service but a free service fast enough for email and web-browsing combined with a reasonably priced faster service is a model that will benefit both the user and the provider.

/blatant plug.
One of my current ventures will allow venues to deploy this type of service at a minimal once off fee (to the venue). More info to follow shortly.
/end blatant plug.


kick it on


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