Posted: May 24, 2007 in Uncategorized

Hot of the press is the news that Boingo now has entered into a partnership with FON allowing Boingo users to roam across FON’s network of Foneros. Boingo Mobile offers voice service for $8 per month worldwide, and that will now include the 130,000 locations Fon currently claims at no additional charge.
This agains indicates FON’s move from what a lot of people saw as a grassroots movement to an actual revenue generating business-model.
One of the questions this raises is how this move will be interpreted by all those people that signed up to the idea of a “free-for-all” wireless broadband network and who now see that the little box that they have connected to their broadband service is actually used to generate significant amounts of revenue.
It will also be interesting to see if this revenue will be shared with the users of FON’s “bill” package.

On the subject of FON’s revenue it is also interesting to see that since I posted on their plans to use ad-generated revenue last that they have changed the model from giving 30 minutes of free access in return for watching an ad (with the option of watching another ad for an additional 30 minutes of access) to 15 minutes with no options to “renew”.
The comments on this post are also showing that some Foneros are not exactly happy with the lack of clarity in regards to sharing this revenue..


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