Today’s wireless news

Posted: September 22, 2007 in Uncategorized

Interesting whitepaper on using a wireless LAN as your primary network.
Using an unlicensed spectrum does NOT mean less reliability.
Is Google eying up UK spectrum?
International standard on mobile phone chargers? Finally!!
Phone companies look to add mobile phone inspired features to landlines phones.
UK mobiles are highest text users in Europe.
Cubic Telecom launched truly global phone at TechCrunch40 (but we all knew it was coming).
What Do You Want In iPhone 2.0?
Airspan Unveils Personal Mobile WiMAX Client.
Intel to Debut WiFi/WiMax Chipset In 2008.
Intel WiMax/satellite combo could bring Internet to remote regions.
Digicel Deploying Alvarion WiMax Solution.
What’s Eating Citywide WiFi, Part 2.
Americans are giving up friends, sex for Web life (not necessarily in that order).
The internet is “dead and boring.”
Vodafone UK moves to HSPA.
Telefonica O2 goes low in Germany.
Industry gearing up for mobile ads push.
Sprint launched Femtocell service in US.
Finding Wi-Fi hotspots with the iPhone.
Steve Jobs Encourages Wi-Fi Mooching (and Other Tales of Misunderstanding).


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