Today’s wireless news

Posted: September 29, 2007 in news, wifi

Cubic telecom launches Maxroam (well done Pat!)
FCC chairman tries to repeal “open access” provision for spectrum auction.
Verizon Wireless applies “code of content”.
Moto demos mobile Wimax handoffs in Chicago.
Nokia enters into Wimax partnership with intel.
Apple “warns” iPhone hackers.
Samsung launches Armani phone with “haptics”.
iPod touch owners get cheap wifi in the UK.
South Norfolk (UK) gets WiFi cover.
Tiny Linux SBC gains add-on WiFi radio.
How wifi might work in San Fran.
When broadband flows like a river…..
London’s Wi-Fi Mile.
Stakes high for Sprint in wireless gamble.
Free WiFi is ‘hard model to get right’.
Action in muni wireless is moving to applications.
Microsoft’s Wi-Fi bus gets people out of their cars.
Rural America, still a broadband backwater.
The City of Chicago’s OEMC and IBM Launch Advanced Video Surveillance System.
Archos 605 WiFi sticks it to the Apple Ipod Touch.
European Commission split over telecom reform.
Why municipal wireless networks have been such a flop.
Singapore launches initiative to develop maritime infocomm technologies.


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