More wireless industry news!

Posted: November 7, 2007 in Uncategorized

Google announces mobile phone OS.
Motorola starts Femto-cell test in Europe.
Buffalo halts sale of 802.11a/g hardware in the US.
WiFi? Why not?
WiFi Philadelphia is fast becoming a reality.
Is that a WiFi Detector T-Shirt or are you hacking me?
Commercial WiMAX Deployments Expected to Increase 70-80% in 2008.
Windows Mobile client eases WiFi roaming.
Beanscene Offers Customers Free WiFi Access.
Free public WiFi is alive and well in Miami Beach.
Blackbbery Adds WiFi To Pearl.
Huggable WiFi appliance; a new computer for Linux lovers.
Tools measure Mobile WiMax.
Music-Sharing Plans for London Underground.
Atheros Breaks the Power Barrier.
Sprint Nextel May Spin Off WiMax Division…or Not. equips Airport Express buses with Wi-Fi.
Addison, Texas gets citywide Wi-Fi service.
T-Mobile Frees Hotspots in Wildfire-Affected SoCal.
RedMoon Inc. Replaces City-Wide Network with BelAir Networks Wireless Broadband Mesh.


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