The Terminator strikes again.

Posted: November 28, 2007 in terminator, utilities, wifi

Some people might scoff at the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the governor of California. However I suspect that their prejudice has stopped them from actually listening to Arnie’s speeches and from looking at his policies.
“The Terminator” was the keynote speaker at Californian state broadband conference on Tuesday. While most of his speech centered more on utilities than broadband he made a a very important statement by likening bradband to utilities.
Quote: “Schwarzenegger struck a free market note on how best to accomplish that. “I’ve been pushing the (Public Utilities Commission) in becoming much more aggressive in pushing broadband,” he said. “If we get more out of the way”–that is, if the government doesn’t interfere–it will “move technololgy forward in a free way.”
He also referred to a study from the Sacramento Regional Research Institute that estimated California could gain 1.8 million jobs a year–assuming that the broadband use of the state’s population grew by 3.8 percentage points a year.
It suggest that quite a few governments (especially the Irish) take note…


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