A big thank you…

Posted: April 25, 2008 in alex leonard, brendan lally, evert bopp, joe drumgoole, pat phelan

My work brings me in contact with all kinds of people on a day to day basis. Every now and then one of these people that I meet distinguishes themselves by the going out of their way to help me. Seeing that I have met quite a few of these people over the last few months I would like to say a public “thank you” by means of this blog.

Joe Drumgoole: Joe was generous enough to refer a business acquaintance to me recently. This person was in dire need for someone that could provide (working) wifi access at a big technology conference in Dublin. On top of this, when we provided a perfect service but the client refused to settle their invoice, Joe went out of his way to mediate on our behalf. We still haven’t received payment but I Joe’s effort was “beyond the call of duty” and he deserves a big thank you! I want to make clear that the client’s behaviour should not reflect badly on Joe as he can not be held responsible for someone else’s actions.
Brendan Lally: Brendan has assisted me greatly with advise and research for my current venture. He is a goldmine of information and has proven to be the perfect person to bounce ideas of. His experience and knowledge enables him to have a very down to earth and no-nonsense view of the sometimes much hyped IT business. Enterprise Ireland could really uses someone with Brendan’s knowledge and experience to assists Irish companies wanting to enter the US market.
Alex Leonard: When Alex heard about the Open Coffee Club BBQ he promptly volunteered his skills and time to design the OCC BBQ website. Alex designed a top-class website in no time. On top of that he has proven himself to be a very likeable and easy-going person. I can strongly recommend him to anybody looking for a web designer.
Pat Phelan: What can I say? Pat is just an all-round great guy who is always ready to help a fellow entrepreneur.


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