Unlocking your Nokia N95..

Posted: July 17, 2008 in jaiku, n95, unlock, vodafone

Last week I stumbled upon a Jaiku discussion describing how Vodafone had stopped locking phones to their network and that, when asked, Voda UK was providing unlock codes for N95’s (and I presume also other phones). This meant that with a little key-stroking you could open your phoe to use with any sim card from any other network operator.
I bought a Nokia N95 a few months back and would love to be able to sue it with any sim-card that I wanted. I could for instance stick a MaxRoam sim in it when travelling abroad. But I suspected that, as usual, Voda Ireland would not be playing ball….

This made for an even bigger surprise when I received an email reply from Vodafone Ireland yesterday, replying to my request for an unlocking code.
The email contained exact instructions on how to unlock your phone. They worked and I am now the owner of an unlocked N95. Kudos to Vodafone for this!

The reply was as follows:
Dear Mr Bopp

Thank you for your request to obtain your unique Network Assignment
Code (ten-digit code shown below). As stated in the GSM Terms and
Conditions, your mobile phone currently operates on the Vodafone GSM
network only.

After following the instructions below, your Nokia phone will have
the capability to work on any other GSM network. Please follow the
instructions carefully:
Step 1 Power on your phone (enter your PIN code if requested to do
Step 2 Key in ***********************
‘SIM restriction off’ will appear on the display of the phone. (p is
obtained by keying the star button 3 times, w is obtained by keying
the star button 4 times and + is obtained by keying the star button
twice, * is the star symbol and # is the hash symbol on your Nokia
phone). (This NAC code is applicable to the IMEI number
*************** & make & model of phone Nokia N95 as supplied by

If this information is not correct do not attempt to proceed with the
unblocking procedure, please contact FreeFone 1907.

Your phone is now no longer assigned to the Vodafone GSM network and
you have the capability to operate your handset on any GSM network of
your choice. However, you must purchase a SIM card for the other
Network you wish to use.
Note: If the incorrect Vodafone Network Assignment Code is entered 5
times, the phone will be permanently blocked. In such an event, you
must then contact the helpdesk on 1907. We hope that you continue to
enjoy using the GSM service and we would appreciate any feedback you
have that may help improve the overall quality of our service.
If you have any further queries please contact us by email at
care@vodafone.ie or call us anytime on FreeFone 1907.

Yours sincerely

Vodafone customer care

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  2. […] This is why I will revert back to my old reliable Nokia N95. […]

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