Bernie & Damien write about the recently started fiasco called the National Broadband Scheme.
I have been seething with rage since it’s started and feel compelled to comment on it.
The whole scheme is a perfect example of posturing. Doing something so that one can be seen doing something but without caring about the actual results. Movement is better than stagnation even if it is in the wrong direction (or at least that’s what the Dept. seems to think). I had hopes that Minister Ryan would make a reasonably sensible decision after I attended round table discussions on NGN’s in Dublin castle some months ago. The discussions there were good & open and valid points were put forward. Ryan has obviously thrown these in the bin. Declaring 100% coverage by 2010 is a sign of complete and utter idiocy. Even Northern Ireland which has claimed to have 100% coverage as far back as 2006 still has not really got 100% coverage. 100% coverage is an unattainable pipe-dream and I did tell Minister Ryan this during the discussions in Dublin Castle.

Also choosing 3G as the technology of choice doesn’t show a great deal of knowledge or insight. Yes off course there was a tender process, however certain technical and service standards should be set. 3G is not and will not be able to support acceptable broadband standards. Not even the promised 1Mbps. That’s another thing, to call 1Mbps broadband is laughable. I cannot even go into that without guffawing and shouting abuse at my screen. (I won’t even go into the sheer, utter, moronic suggestion of satellite, go Google, yahoo, Copernic or whatever search engine you use and see for yourself).

Forget that 3G reception is poor as it is and coverage can only be approved by dotting the landscape with new masts which will not happen due to logistic, planning and financial reasons. The main issues are that 3G is not suitable for some form of local loop unbundling leading to the creation of a monopoly. Strangely enough the last time the Irish government created a monopoly in the Irish Telco industry it was also lead by an incompetent company (Eircom). Now it is assisting Three in establishing one. if you wonder what I base this judgment of Three on go have a look here.
So we now the NBS money allocated to a provider who will deliver no more than a shadow of real broadband with a technology that will not support any other entrants into the market.
Only pictures can express my opinion on this….

  1. Joe Breen says:

    Finally someone who is smart enough to know that 1MB is NOT effing BROADband.

    Thank you for the sensible post.

  2. Alex Leonard says:

    Here here!

    It’s a complete joke. Due to our move to Leitrim years ago we ended up as a web design company using dial up for 3 months. That was hell.

    “Oh there’s a problem with your website? Can I just hang up on you so I can connect my dial up, check the issue, then disconnect and call you back?”

    Yeah, that was great. Talk about not encouraging businesses into failing rural areas.

  3. Branedy says:

    There are places in Europe pushing 20Mbps, 1Mbps is the new dial-up speed. However it is an improvement over the 512KBps DSL that Eircom called ‘Broadband’ or the 128Kbps ‘Broadband’ ISDN that I started out with 6 years ago 😉

    Progress, Who knew?

  4. irwin says:

    Eircom for me are always throttling bandwidth to many when are we going to see a shift in this policy.

  5. […] need for broadband is mentioned again. This crops up again and again but we still do not have it. […]

  6. Kevin Jones - North Wales says:

    Hi all, just looking at your comments about b/band coverage. Here in Wales we have the same problem in rural areas but have overcome them. I install satellite dishes for clients with no or poor Internet access in rural areas. The customer has 2 options; they can apply for The Welsh Assembly grant to cover the equipment and installation costs or they can pay for it themselves. Initially it is expensive to install; equip and install costs at just under £800. The grant pays for it though up to £1000 so they are basically getting it for nothing.
    However it works really well guaranteeing from 4Mb upwards for around £25 per month. As an installer I can tell you it is incredibly reliable, I’ve installed about 50 systems so far and and not had a single service call. I have a friend in Newbridge who installs Sky TV and have mentioned that he should start doing it himself and I could come over to Ireland to get him started. The company I contract to for the broadband is called ******.

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