All about ideas coming to fruition…

Posted: January 29, 2009 in growth, hub, investor, open coffee club, startup, support, utilities, vc, venture

chick-hatchingJust over a week ago I wrote about my ideas for an start-up incubator facility in the Mid-West. Since then things have moved ahead rapidly. The biggest development is that I have been offered the use of an office right on O’Connell street in Limerick free off charge for the initial period.
This has been offered by someone with vision, they own the premises and see the value that this can add to the community and business in the region. Don’t get me wrong; I am not setting up a charity! But instead of cash we will take an equity stake in the start-ups that will be offered space in the incubator. That’s why there will be a vetting process, we will only offer the use of the facility and all it’s support to those start-ups and entrepreneurs that have a more than average chance of success. The center will provide all the facilities, support & guidance to ensure that success.

But there is a long way to go yet! The office space is bare and needs fitted out, we need to find the right investors, legal & financial professionals to become involved etc.
So I’m putting the call out to everybody who is in a position to assist us in getting this incubator off the ground so that we can reap the long term benefits for the region.
I will put a list at the end of this post of items or services that we need. Some needs will be on an ongoing basis and some will only needed once. If you think that you can help me feel free to contact me via email or call em on 086/8645099.

  • Office fit-out: plasterwork & painting, raised floors etc.
  • Office furniture & equipment(desks, chairs, coffee machine(s), whiteboards etc.
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Telecoms services
  • Legal services (in-house)
  • Accountancy services (in-house)
  • Investment (private, institutional)

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