Letter from the government…

Posted: March 16, 2009 in Uncategorized
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I received a letter from the Irish government today.
It came in a brown envelope with a harp symbol on it and I had to sign for receipt.
There was no other information on the enveloppe. no senders addres, nothing.
When I opened the envelope with shaking hands I discovered that it come from the “Department of Communications Energy and Natural Resources”.The letter was about the “NEW EMERGENCY CALL ANSWERING SERVICE (ECAS) IMPORTANT INDUSTRY BRIEFING”.
I guess that they had to use upper case and mention “important” just so that recipients would fully comprehend the seriousness of this communication.

The letter invited me to a (very important) briefing on March 27th in the National Emergency Coordinating Centre (NECC). I guess that acronyms serve to illustrate the already very pressing importance. I was furthermore instructed that for security reason I had to submit a list of attendees in writing. Telephone submission would not be accepted. There is obviously no messing around with these people from the National Emergency Coordinating Centre (NECC)! Insecure telephone based communication is simply not acceptable.
I was required to confirm my attendance OR non-attendance in writing by March 20th.

The letter ended that if I planned to attend (and had confirmed this in writing), I should assemble in the foyer of the Agricultural House in Kildare Street, Dublin at 2:15 pm on March 23rd. This confused me because the letter clearly states that the meeting is on March 27th! What will happen to us in those three days? Will we be vetted by bald men in long leather trenchcoats? Will this involve lots of rubber hose, and waterboarding? And what’s more, will there be sandwiches?

I’m confused I am…



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