Playing catch-up…

Posted: April 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

As my blogging has declined over the last few months I feel I need to expand on what has been keeping me busy.

  • First off all there was BizCamp Limerick; BizCamp was a one-day conference all about how to start your own business. The event was free and open to everyone. It was a huge success with 200+people attending and 38 speakers on the day. The success was due to the hard work of the people organising it (a big thank you to Stephen, David, Shane, Ger, Gabriella & Hugh) but the succes was also due to all the fantastic speaker who travelled to Limerick on the day and gave motivating speeches without as much as getting their expenses paid. Lastly I have to thank the event sponsors: Microsoft Bizspark, Kemmy Business School, Bank of Ireland, Spinnaker Pro & Ulster Bank.
  • I have also been putting more than 50% of my working time since January into getting the GreenHouse incubator in Limerick of the ground. This project is moving along very well and I am getting an amazing amount of support (mostly from the private sector). The GreenHouse aims in taking on 5-7 early stage startups every 6-months and turning them into self-sustaining companies ready for further investment & expansion. The doors should open mid-June for the first incubation cycle. Plans are already afoot for similar incubators in other cities across Ireland & the UK. Follow us via the website or Twitter.
  • Next is the Irish Open Coffee Club Express, an day-long Open Coffee Club session on a train from Cork to Dublin. Date is not firm yet but will be July-ish. Can’t say too much yet but it will have lots & lots of networking and a “bigger, better, faster” repeat of the Dragons Den type competition from the Open Coffee Club BBQ. Thanks to Irish Rail for letting us use a train for this.
  • Then there are the BizCamp follow ups and spinoffs. Think mentoring networks, start-your-own-business workshops and a Angel/Seed investment workshop for people with money to invest.
  • Limerick Open Coffee Club: My local “network of choice”, I attend it as much as I can and am busy creating content for the monthly meetings in the Absolute Hotel Limerick. More good speakers to come!
  • Talking about Open Coffee Club; I am working on an Irish Open Coffee Club agregator website…
  • Speaking engagements: yes, this is a new one for me. My new found media exposure has lead to more and more request to talk at events. I had a few ones in the last weeks and there will be more coming. One I can mention is the Dublin City Enterprise LINK event on April 28th.
  • Then there is my main company AirAppz. All I can say about that is that if you need a wifi network anywhere & anytime, come and talk to us.
  • Another project is a low-cost mobile phone roaming service innitially targetting the UK & Benelux countries. This should kick off in 4-6 weeks time.
  • Lastly I am working on a very exciting new project. Very hush-hush,can-tell-you-but-would-have-to-kill-you kinda thing. Expect more news in a month or so but it will be exciting and it will be big!

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