MaxRoam + Qik = QikRoam!

Posted: April 14, 2009 in Uncategorized


Pat Phelan, CEO & founder of Maxroam, left Ireland to travel to the US yesterday.

Before he left he announced that MaxRoam would be making a big announcement around midnight (GMT) on Monday. I’ve struggled to stay awake but thenews has just broken; MaxRoam has partnered with Qik to announce QikRoam!

Based on MaxRoams already extremely popular mobiel sim product the QikRoam products lets you “make international calls, check email, browse the web, and Qik without breaking the bank – no matter where you are in the world.” Not only can you save up to 80% on voice calls, SMS and data with our rates, you can no shave significant amounts of money of your Qik costs! QikRoam will have two packages available. One is $34 dollars which includes $20 of calling credit, the other is $67.50, which includes $54 in calling credit.

In honor of the new product, Qik is holding a special promo: for users who buy Qik Roam cards in the next month, Qik is going to choose a random winner who will get a paid trip to Ireland.

Live Qik-footage of the launch can be seen here.


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