And who exactly do you work for again?

Posted: May 13, 2009 in Uncategorized
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I recently emailed all Irish MEP’s in relation to an European Parliament vote on amendments in the “Telecom Package”.

The content of the email was fairly straightforward and brought a few important issues in regards to this vote to their attention and asked if they could let me know their position on these issues.

The response I got to my email was shocking!

TWO! Yes, that’s correct. I received 2 replies. As we have 13 Irish MEP’s that’s a 15.38% response rate. Interesting fact is that both responses were from female MEP’s. Respect & thanks to Kathy Sinnott & Mary Lou McDonald.

But that’s not it; over the last few days I have received notifications via MS Outlook that 4 MEP’s (or their staff) have deleted my email without reading it! Now I do realise that the issue in question was voted on last week but this indicates three possibilities:

  1. They did not read my email before the vote.
  2. They did not bother replying.
  3. They regualrly delete emails without reading them.

I’ve been asked to “name & shame” so here it goes:

Jim Higgins, Eoin Ryan, Marian HarkinSean O’Neachtain, do not think the need to read or reply to emails. This does not include the remaining 7 MEP’s who have not replied either. Well done!

Let this be a warning to anyone considering voting for these muppets!


  1. PaulSweeney says:

    Firstly, congratulations on your significant response rate. Junk email (sorry, highly targeted email communications) receives a response rate less than a rounding error. Secondly, is that Muppet image open commons. I have forwarded this to each our MEP’s to highlight the case of international piracy and copyright infringement, which if not stopped, will destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs in Limerick.

  2. evertb says:

    @PaulSweeney Smartass….

  3. Gavin says:

    Ha @Paul, nice.

    I’d contacted MEPs before the vote, thanks to a NeoGaf topic. Kathy was the only one who replied and did so promptly. Certainly happy that she did, but the lack of response from the others is not too helpful for my politically apathetic youth.

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