“Blogging & Social Media for business” seminar.

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Absolute Hotel Limerick, June 13th 2009

Are you wondering what social media is all about? Perhaps you don’t know a Tweet about Linkedin? Do you think that a blog is a character from Star Trek?
The Greenhouse Limerick start-up incubator has organised an event to help businesses benefit from the current popularity of social media. The event is targeted at start-ups and Small & Medium businesses who can benefit from learning more about using free tools such as Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, IgoPeople and Blogging.

The event was put together with the aim of answering a number of questions for attendees such as “Wondering how your business can benefit from using social media?”,” Want to improve interaction and communication with your customers and increase your revenue?”.

The Greenhouse incubator has planned a full day Blogging & Social Media for Business seminar on June 13th in the Absolute Hotel in Limerick.

At the event attendees will be able to listen and talk to Irelands’ leading experts in social media & online networking. Included in the list of luminaries as:

Bernard Goldbach:  Senior Creative Multimedia Lecturer, University External Examiner, Writer & Podcaster.

Krishna De: Brand Engagement and Word of Mouth Marketing Commentator.

Fred Caballero: Web project manager at Channelship Web Agency, Video blogger.

Peter Donegan: Landscape designer, celebrity blogger.

Campbell Scott: CEO IGOpeople, former director of Consumer Solutions at Eircom.

The event is organised by Evert Bopp, Internet Entrepreneur and the driving force behind Greenhouse Limerick Start-Up Incubator. “This is an area of great interest for new businesses as well as for those who have developed offline but now need to move with the times and get into online presence. The Greenhouse Limerick Start-up incubator is all about helping start-ups to develop, grow and use the tools available to them better. We are proud to organise this event and to welcome the guest speakers to Limerick,” said Bopp at the launch of the event in the Absolute Hotel.

Attendance Costs: €150 including lunch…all proceeds will go to fund the Greenhouse Incubator.

Full details & registration on the events website: http://url.ie/1l87

For details: Contact. contactevert@gmail.com, 0868645099


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