Windows Phone OS walk-through

Posted: October 23, 2009 in Uncategorized
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With all the hype around the iPhone & Android phone one could almost forget that Windows Mobile is also a significant player in that market. I came across a video today that shows a walk-through for the latest version (6.5) running on a HTC Diamond II. It is interesting to see the many changes. A lot of features come out of the iphone book but boy they have made the GUI look pig-ugly! There are a few new features that look really interesting:

  • “my phone”: this lets you synch everything on your phone “into the cloud”. You can then access & manage it in any web browser.
  • The Browser: The phone sport a full desktop version of IE displaying web content in the same way as on your desktop. You can also select to view a mobile compatible version if you want to.
  • “tag”: Tag is an app that lets you scan barcode type tags in public spaces (billboards, magazines etc.) and will pull up relevant web content. Great for advertising & marketing campaigns.

Anyway, look and see what you think:


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