Five tech predictions for 2010

Posted: December 24, 2009 in Uncategorized
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  1. 2010 will see a huge surge in wifi usage. Those who thought that wifi was on the way out will be proven wrong. The ever increasing use of smartphone and other devices with built-in wifi will only grow the demand. The recent spate of 3G or Wimax to wifi devices is also an indicator. Mobile broadband providers see their current networks getting overloaded and will try to hand of load to public wifi networks. 2010 will be the biggest year for wifi yet and will also see an increase in “free” wifi services that utilise different revenue streams.
  2. 2010 will also be the 1st year that the market share held by the Apple iPhone will start to shrink. While Apple can always count on an almost Evangelic core following the common denominator smartphone user will realise that Apple, with its restrictive software policy, is ruining the technically great device that the iPhone is. Apple’s AOL-type app policy and the iphones’ dire battery life will feed the demand for the increased number of Android devices as they come onto the market.
  3. RFID tags will be a big thing next year. Not only will RFID tags be used to track items but it will also see an increased use as a mean to trigger actions. You put an item with an RFID tag near a device with a RFID receiver and it will trigger an action. Think vouchers, LBS and a whole raft of other great applications
  4. As much as I love Twitter 2010 will also see the beginning of the end for Twitter. In its attempts to generate increasing revenue Twitter will start scaring away early adopters and core users. The enormous user base will also make it harder and harder for new users to find the “catch” that drew the initial crowds in.  Once it requires a significant amount of time/effort to get to grips with Twitter the decreasing user base will not be renewed. New service that pay users to be allowed to insert ads into their twitter stream will also lessen the appeal. Q 3/4 of 2010 will see a number of new services/applications emerging that are based on the best elements of Twitter but that will provide a more tailored/manageable stream.
  5. Mobile devices will become absolutely huge but not in the way that we know them. I expect to see the first examples of something that I’ve been looking forward to for some time; portable devices that will become desktop replacements. You carry it around with you all day and just plug it into a cradle when at your desk. The cradle is connected to a keyboard, mouse & monitor just as laptops used to be. New battery technology and a significant increase in processing power and onboard memory will make the new generation of portable devices the new desktop replacement.
  1. Branedy says:

    All good predictions and I mostly agree with them, however if number 4 comes true I will have to do something else with my twitter bots @querynet @ideaforecasting @iforesee and @fleetthoughts

  2. Keith says:

    Not sure that 5 will happen in 2010 – we’re probably two years away from that right now – but the others are likely spot on.

  3. evertb says:

    @Keith I have been rambling about #5 for years but didn’t see it happening in the short term. The technology is getting closer now and I expect to see the first of these devices towards the end of 2010.
    (by the way, the twitter link on your blog doesn’t work).

  4. On #5 This is probably way off but I do wonder if we are past cradles for devices like this? Wireless charging devices are now on the market and we’re heading towards wireless USB, so what about products there where you simply leave the device on an appropriate part of a desk and the external connectivity with monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. just happens without fiddling with a sodding cradle?
    For #2 I think you’re 12 months or so off.

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  8. […] overtake wifi has been proven wrong. To the contrary wifi usage is growing faster than ever. I predicted as much over a year ago. While 3G coverage has become almost ubiquitous the ROI isn’t adding up. […]

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