Xyndi at Dublin Pitchslam.

Posted: March 16, 2010 in startup
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Fellow Dutchman Alex Schregardus was recently selected as one of the start-ups who could pitch their venture at the Dublin PitchSlam event.PitchSlam is part of the Guidewire Groups Innovate!2010 initiative which has set out to identify the worlds 100 best start-up companies.

Alex’s venture is called Xyndi.

Quoting from their website:

“Xyndi is a dynamic company, who since 2007, have developed a technology infrastructure which delivers significant competitive advantages for our clients.

Based in the mid-west of Ireland, Xyndi enables business worldwide to leverage context-aware computing to better target prospects, increase customer intimacy, and enhance workforce productivity.

Our technology enables business to cost-effectively rollout context-enriched services which use location, presence, social attributes, and other environmental information to anticipate an end user’s immediate needs, offering more-sophisticated, situation-aware and usable functions.”

Check them out, I think Alex is working on something innovative and potentially succesful.


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