Go West young man…

Posted: May 5, 2010 in Uncategorized
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One of the “activities” that is taking up lots of my time for the last few months is fundraising for “Haiti Connect“. I try to create a buzz around the charities work in order to increase public awareness in the hope that this will lead to donations. I also “knock on doors” in a manner of speaking. One of the doors I knocked on yesterday belonged to Annie West aka @anniewestdotcom a delightful, witty and entertaining person that is one of my twitter-friends. Annie is a illustrator, cartoonist and artiste-extra-ordinaire. She’s also as mad as a hatter 😉

Anyway, Annie has done a great thing and offered her cut from the sale of one of her prints as a donation to Haiti Connect! I really appreciate this support and felt it needed a bit of public attention.

The print she has offered for this is:

For those of you who would want to see (and maybe buy) this print I suggest that you hurry yourself to Gallery Zozimus on 56, Francis st, Dublin 8. Annie exhibition there opens tonight (May 5th) and is opened by Ryan Tubridy himself. If you really, urgently want to ensure that you are the buyer you can also contact the gallery by phone on: (01) 4539057


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