Google mapping your FourSquare

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Google
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I found this neat trick on Fred Wilsons blog.

It lets you display your FourSquare checkins in Google Maps.

  1. Go to your FourSquare Feeds page
  2. Copy the KML link (don’t download it).
  3. Open Google Maps
  4. Paste the link for the KML feed in the Google Maps search box and hit ENTER
  1. How far does this go back or what does it omit? I seem to be missing check in’s from London, Liverpool and Cork, yet it has my check in’s from North Donegal, I have been in the fore places before the later.


  2. My bad, ?count=300 after the .kml fixes this. Winner !

    Cheers Evert

    Russell (the true mayor of Toomevara Texaco!)

  3. evertb says:

    No you’re not!

  4. dalekcat says:

    wheres the KML link?

  5. evertb says:

    It’s the 2nd one on the FourSquare feeds pages:

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