Another disaster in the making

Posted: July 24, 2010 in Uncategorized
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For some time now I have been saying that the current situation in Haiti could lead to a disaster of a a similar or even larger scale than the January 2010 earthquake. More than 6 months after the quake and with billions of dollars pledged in aid there are still over 1 million people living in tents and under sheets of plastic. These temporary housing solutions are already falling apart and will certainly *not* withstand the current storms or the upcoming hurricane season. Already every heavy rainstorm is leading to drownings. In addition to that there are the derivative effects of disease, violence etc flowing out of the current living conditions. What is needed is permanent, sustainable accommodation. I can not emphasise enough how much ongoing targeted support is needed in this country.  While Haiti Connect ( a charity I run) does not provide or build housing (it’s not our area of expertise) I try to support every effort to create sustainable housing as much as I can.

The following video will illustrate what the conditions are like better:

  1. creatxt says:

    Hi, I share your thoughts. I’ve used your blog on our website. It’s Dutch, but explains how much (semi)permanent housing is needed in Haïti.

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