Free wifi? Yes we can!

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Uncategorized, wifi
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Everyone around here is talking about President Obama’s visit to his ancestral village of Moneygall which is only a short drive away from where I live. As is to be expected his visit will generate a substantial amount of press coverage on local, national & international level. News-crews from all over the world are expected to converge in this tiny village to report on Obamas visit. Considering how much news reporting has moved online both in content and delivery method it is clear that there was a need for service giving Internet access to these journalists. The easiest method to deliver this service would be by using wifi as this would allow seamless access for all the laptops, iphones, android devices, blackberries and all other devices used by the visitors.

Surprisingly enough I had not heard a mention of any such service so I decided to ask around and yes indeed, nobody had thought of this. Rather than wait if someone would come up with a suggestion to address this I decided to offer my services (and equipment) to install a number of wifi hotspots servicing parts of Moneygall (free of charge). I first called a number of local councillors and politicians but when their feedback was too slow it was time for a different approach. A call was made to the owners of Ollie Hayes’s pub in Moneygall and an offer was made to install wifi equipment inside and outside the pub. This offer was eagerly accepted as I also suggested that I would see if I can leave the equipment in place after the visit.

I was very surprised to note however that politician Michael Lowry was making public statements today asking if someone would please provide Internet access to in Moneygall so that the visiting press could use it. Mr. Lowry’s information is obviously not up to date. I also find his statements typical of the approach that Irish politicians have to the availability of broadband service; when they stand to make political gain they are quick enough to demand it but when the limelight moves on the need for this essential service is quickly ignored…

  1. Thomas Brunkard says:

    Well met Evert. Well met.

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