More Politically correct nonsense…

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was having the usual chat with my kids in the car after picking them up from school. “how, was school? Did you learn anything new? ” that sort of stuff. In the middle of the chit-chat my eldest son (12yrs old) commented that one of the teachers stopped him today when he and one of his friends where making handgun-shape toys from Lego blocks. They were told that this wasn’t allowed. When I reacted shocked and outraged my eldest daughter added that kids aren’t allowed to hug each other either. When questioned I was even told that 2 sisters who were attending the same school were barred from hugging each other.


On one hand kids are stopped from making gun-shaped toys because it might be construed as violence and on the other hand kids being affectionate in a perfectly normal and acceptable manner are also stopped from doing so. I am planning to have a serious chat with the school principal about this.


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