Researching the state of broadband in Ireland.

Posted: May 15, 2011 in 3g, bandwidth, broadband, broadband fiber MAN tipperary, broadband government ec
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In light of the recently announced Rural Broadband Scheme in Ireland I am doing some research for an upcoming article. To get some basic details for this I would appreciate if you the reader could complete the two polls below.

Thank you.

  1. Póló says:

    Broadband in Ireland is generally rubbish. Also, some providers are trying to wean people off older email addresses by providing an even shittier service and making no attempt to block spam at the ISP level.

  2. evertb says:

    I know that and you know that but “rubbish” isn’t an easily quantifyable term, hence these two polls. I’m trying to gather some representative numbers that will support such an allegation.

  3. bcurdy says:

    Very interesting poll! Thanks for setting it up. I have only 2 complains about Ireland since I’ve set up my company here: Banks and Broadband. I’d love to know which provider people consider as being good. I’m with Magnet, my connection is down a couple of time a day… and they’re supposed to be among the best :-/

    • evertb says:

      Benoit, I have been actively supporting a better & different approach to the broadband infrastructure in Ireland. It’s now that the government recently announced another “broadband innitiative” to provide cover for what they call the remaining 1% of Ireland that doesn’t have coverage that I am looking for some feedback to rubbish this claim. There is more than 1% of the country (or the population) not serviced with broadband and even those who have what out government call “broadband” quite often have to make do with an inferior service.

      As for what the best provider is; I have recently moved back to Eircom and am actually quite happy with the service.

  4. Have two laptops, and hence have two Vodafone Mobile Broadband Units (Hwawei K3765). They do the job for browsing, but tend to be unreliable, and the download limit of c.5GB is VERY prohibitive

  5. Paul Kennedy says:

    Until maybe three or four months ago we couldn’t get any broadband home in North Tipp. Could use a vodafone/o2 dongle-thingy but was basically as slow as bad dial-up.

  6. Tom Taaffe says:

    hi Evert, good job on your Poll but this needs to be done on a more thorough, broadly-based and detailed basis; my problem is that I’m with 3 Mobile ; the service is very poor : the connection seems to drop every 10- 15 minutes making secure and dependable internet browsing/downloading etc impossible and yet they don’t seem to take an interest in improving the service. I believe we’re at sea when it comes to the technology and I don’t have the knowledge or technicial know-how to understand the different types of broadband available and the relative merits of these. Thanks for your work in this area, best wishes Tom Taaffe

  7. My main complaint relates to mobile signals actually. I have had two offices within ten miles of the GPO and each has been in a radio blackspot. On both occasions I was told I was just unlucky.

    My broadband is reasonably fast very early in the morning – up to about 6.45am – after that things slow down for twelve hours.

  8. Johneric says:

    I’m agreived at the speed of my broadband. In no way does it reflect in reality what the provider is suggesting should be the speed of the system. I also have problems with my WI-FI that the signal comes and goes!

  9. DM says:

    I have switched from Eircom to Vodafone and the connection & speed is still awful. I only live 15 minutes away from the city center and they can’t provide a decent high speed connection…..

  10. Richard O Farrell says:

    I have a good quality broadband, however I am lucky enough to live in Dublin where like other populated areas is well provided. A radical overhaul is required to provide broadband to locations outside of thse areas. I am involved in the telecommunications area and find Eircom to be the most reliable. Many problems are caused by poor or incorrect installions. However the standard of broadband in this country is poor and expensive compared to others.

  11. Pat Quirke says:

    BB fine in office (in town) where ADSL is king.
    Home is another matter. Struggle to get 500kb ADSL. Patchy 3G. Still poor in most respects, only 5km from town centre!

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