I’m making a list and checking it twice….

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Part of my work involves mentoring start-up companies. This involves reviewing business plans, financial forecasts, advising funding plans etc. etc. But a large part of it is making introductions for these start-ups to people in my network. This could be for people who have experience in a certain area that might help the start-up to improve their planning but quite often it’s also introductions to people who can carry out work for a start-up as they more often than not do not have all the required skills in-house.

One of the regular requirements is for good web developers and designers. People who can build a solid back-end to spec, people who can make it all look good but also people who are used to working with start-ups and don’t mind doing a bit of hand-holding in the process.

I already have a number of people like this in my network but some of them are busy and I also want to expand my database. So if you have the skills & experience outlined above please leave your details as a comment to this post. Please do not forget to include a link to some examples of your work.

Thank you.

  1. Stuart Kelly says:

    If you don’t already know them I’d check out http://www.maddog.ie Dave Jackson dave@maddog.ie – we found them tres bien.

  2. Martin Duggan Design – Visual branding, website design, design for print.

  3. Joe Molloy says:

    Hey Evert,

    Always happy to discuss a project.

    Quick Background:
    14 years experience in web development, have worked in both MS and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP) environments but now mainly LAMP. Framework of choice, ModX.

    PHP, MySQL, HTML 5, Javascript (JQuery & ExtJS), ModX, WordPress, Concrete5

    Based in Dublin

    Sample Sites:

    Contact Info:
    Web: http://www.hyper-typer.com/
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/freelancwebdev
    Google+: http://gplus.to/freelancewebdev

  4. Pat Kelly says:

    .Net developer here, mostly work on back end systems but can do front end when needed to.

    Skills :-
    C#, ASP.Net , Html, Javascript(jQuery), MsSqlServer(2005/2008), Oracle,

    XML,xPath,uml and system design

    Worked with start-ups including my own (1 live and 1 under construction)

  5. In a good position at the moment to put time into a startup so I’ll add myself to this list..

    I’d consider myself “full stack”, that’s everything from the frontend design to the backend server setups, but my specialisation at the moment would be in PHP development. And framework of choice for getting things done is CodeIgniter.

    My website, best place to get contact info and work examples:

    Twitter is also a good place to get me:

    Sites I’ve been involved with recently:
    Cricket Leinster — cricketleinster.ie
    Management Briefs — http://managementbriefs.com/
    Bandpages.ie — http://bandpages.ie/
    Clontarf Residents — http://clontarfresidents.com/

  6. Print/Web/App Interface designer concentrating in saturating the web with well researched user experience.


  7. Darragh Verschoyle –

    Web & Graphic Designer, Currently stationed at GameStop looking after UK & Ireland eCom.


    HTML, CSS, JS, WordPress

  8. Niall Flynn says:

    SEO WordPress theme development. Web development SEM, Irish backlinks and online promotion.

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