Dealing with your Twitter favorites.

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Uncategorized
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If you’re a heavy Twitter user like me.
Strike that, very few of you will be Twitter junkies to the extent that I am.

Anyway, a lot of you will use Twitter favorites as a means of bookmarking Tweets, or specifically tweets with links, for later reading. I do anyway but because I follow a large number of people on Twitter and also use columns in Tweetdeck to search for tweets containing certain keywords I end up with a huge amount of favorites that I never get to sort through. See some of these I just want to read again and some links/url’s I might want to archive using a service like Delicious.

However Twitters web GUI is a useability bitch, especially since we are now all on “New Twitter” only allowing you to scroll through the list of favorites rather than search them.

What I had been doing was scroll through my favorites, open the links and save the interesting ones to Delicious. However that’s a slow manual process and I was favoriting tweets faster than I could archive them. Today I decided that it was time to automate this. Firing up the Google-box I typed in “exporting twitter favorites” and got this result.

18,600,000 results!

I trawled through some of the links and had a look at this one which lists some tools to back up your complete Twitter profile. I also found this article providing some free code to export your actual Twitter favorites to a CSV file but:

  1. I’m not a  coder so didn’t know how to run it.
  2. It’s Sunday so I am not going to start to learn how to run that code
Eventually I stumbled across this article.
It’s a good article but the first method suggested, using an RSS feed for your favorites doesn’t work anymore now that we all have been shoved into New Twitter. Next it described “Pinboard” which works a lot like Delicious but which also mines your Twitter account for favorited URL’s. I know that Topgold uses it and it does look rather excellent but as it’s a paid service and I’m hampered by my ancestral scrooge-ness I have not given it a try. I will however set-up an account later today and report back here after giving the service a run.
Further searching also brought me to Now I had seen this service before but this time I’ve set up an account and configured it. trawls your Twitter favorites and let’s you archive them. It works with Delicious, Historius, Instapaper, Pinboard, Diigo, Read it later & Scuttle but the catch is that it ONLY works with one archiving account. You cannot harvest your favorites and archive them to two accounts. Personally I would pay a small monthly amount to be able to do this.
Another limitation is that it doesn’t do a full retrospective archive. When you set up your account it harvests & archives your last 20 favorites and all future ones. I hope they change this at some point.
Noting all the above I still think that is a great service and will be using it from now on.
OK, I hope this was a bit helpful and am now going to set up my Pinboard account and will report on that later…
  1. Monique says:

    Thank you for researching this. My Twitter favorites are out of control and I don need to sort and save them.

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