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Posted: October 27, 2011 in Uncategorized
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This afternoon I got a very pleasant surprise. One of my ventures, The Greenhouse Ireland, has been included in the “Best Startup Accelerator” category for the TechCrunch Europas. This was especially a surprise because we didn’t apply to be included and I had not heard of anyone putting us forward for it.

About the Europas:

Held annually, The Europas are the main European Awards for early stage Internet and Mobile technology startups. The are selected by a combination of an expert Advisory Board (which changes every year) and voting by the industry itself. The whole thing comes together on a special awards night in London, on November 17.

We are up against some stiff competition in this category but being included is a prize in its own. Anyway, we need votes to win and votes have to come from people. So please click on this link, scroll down to the fourth category from the top, mark the box in front of “Greenhouse (Ireland)” and then click the “VOTE” button at the bottom of the category.



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