The lunatics are running the asylum.

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

There is only one way to describe the utterly farcical developments in the EU over the last few days:

  1. It was nice chatting with you on Twitter. “Lunatics running the asylum” captures well the “gang” mentality at the “mini” EU summit just before the G-20 meeting. I suspect the “gang” bullied Papandreou. Not necessarily directly; rather, I suspect by “getting to” some Greek legislators in the prime minister’s own party.Too bad Papandreou could do likewise in the Bundestag and the French Assembly. For more, pls see my essay at I actually had a dream in which I was at the “mini” summit and asked Merkel what she was doing to undercut Papandreou’s referendum. She bascially ignored me. I didn’t even try to ask Sarkozy; he was goofing off before leading a seminar, which he quickly left to his asst to run and he was MIA. The dream ended with me meeting a very fictional attractive (30ish) blonde prime minister of some EU state I could not identify (which did not amuse her). It was definitely not Germany/Merkel. Unfortunately I woke up as the woman and I were wanting to spend the day together. lol

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