2012 hotel WiFi report; the good and the bad.

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Uncategorized, wifi
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HotelChatter.com has just released their 2012 report on WiFi in hotels. There is some good news bit also still a lot of bad news. Charges as high as $20 per day (or even worse per day AND per device) still exist! On top of that many hotels still use a “regular” DSL line to backhaul ALL their wifi though….

I plan to write a detailed blogpost soon on hotel wifi, what to look for and how to maximise it but for now this excellent infogram contains some interesting details.

  1. Ted Green says:

    Wow, the numbers of cost of deployment and up-keep are unbelievable, since we design systems that are a fraction of the costs (5k plus) and allow hotel owners to charge or not. Great article. Hard to beleive allot of the luxury hotels charge what they do, when the budget ones give it away for free….

  2. Don Schultz says:

    Yeah same here Ted; I think this sort of thing for the most part exists in the billion-dollar hospitality area like the Marriott and Hyatts that typically employ the only people they can: the big dog IT consultancies whom still charge out the butt for substandard services & implementations.

    I’ve seen it for years in the enterprise IT space… if it’s not super expensive there’s no way it could possibly be good or reliable. The reality is that most of the time, it’s neither; and the guests suffer quietly at every stay.

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