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Posted: October 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
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We recently moved house and as is normal for any geek with hoarding tendencies the process of moving house unearths a treasure trove of gadgets many of which one has forgotten about. This time was no different. At the bottom of a box, wrapped in a sturdy plastic bag I discovered two Compaq/ HP iPaq devices and a range of accessoires. For those not familiar with it; Compaq released the first iPaq devices in April 2000. After HP took over Compaq they extended and continued the product-line. The latest iPaq model is the “Glisten” released in December 2009. There is an excellent Wikipedia page listing all models released.

What made the iPaq special (apart from being one of the first real smart mobile devices) is the expandability. You could buy a range of so-called “sleeves” in which you could slide the iPaq. These sleeves offered all kinds of expandability ranging from extra battery to CF card slots, PCMCIA slots, Sat-nav and more. In addition to Compaq?HP there were a whole range of 3rd party sleeves available.

Anyway, as someone who got into mobile quite early on I have purchased numerous of these devices and accessoires and this bag only contained a few of them. I am torn between putting them in a display case or offering them for sale. So until I make up my mind, I am open to offers by any interested parties. Below is a listing of what I have, this also gives a bit of an indication of the versatility of the platform:



  • iPaq 3630 circa 2001 vintage  with desk cradle/charger (working but needs new battery)
  • iPaq 2210 circa 2004 vintage with desk cradle/charger (working)
  • Navman 3400 GPS/SatNav sleeve with car mount
  • Compaq PE2036F dual slot PCMCIA Expansion sleeve with battery (ideal for wifi cards).
  • Compaq PE2026C single slot PCMCIA expansion sleeve with battery.
  • Compaq PE2036B Expansion sleeve with CF-card slot
  • Car chargers for both iPaq 3630 & 2210
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