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The below figures were released by AT&T last month but I’ve only come across them today as I am seriously behind on my feed due to a house move..

Anyway, the figures released by AT&T show a number of very interesting trends. First of all there is the totally amazing number of 20,000,000 (yes 20 million) individual wifi connections in the space of just 11 days. That’s 1,818,181 connections per day or just over 21 wifi sessions per second! That in itself is an amazing figure but if you want it in perspective; in 2008 it took 1 whole year to reach this number…

It also shows that the prediction that 3G/UMTS would overtake wifi has been proven wrong. To the contrary wifi usage is growing faster than ever. I predicted as much over a year ago. While 3G coverage has become almost ubiquitous the ROI isn’t adding up. 29 euro per month “all you can eat” dataplans have overloaded the networks and operators are frantically looking for ways to offload data. Wifi is really the only game in town offering an acceptable alternate network.

Another interesting figure is the huge increase in connections at hospitality locations. These have tripled within the space of 3 months. Now I have no figures on if and how fast AT&T was extending their network in this period but even a taking into consideration that this includes an expansion of the network it still makes for an impressive number. This again confirms that not only do people expect wifi at a hospitality location, they will also actually use it and use it frequently.

This last infograph shows the rapid rise in wifi usage per quarter from Q1 2008 up to Q2 2011. Usage went from 3,400,000 connections per quarter in Q1 2008 right up to 246,800,000 connections in Q2 2011. That’s a whopping 32 wifi connections per second in Q2 2011! Calculating that over a network of 26,000 wifi hotspots breaks down to 103 individual wifi sessions per hotspot on average. A very respectable number indeed.


In light of the recently announced Rural Broadband Scheme in Ireland I am doing some research for an upcoming article. To get some basic details for this I would appreciate if you the reader could complete the two polls below.

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