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73 Companies, 900 jobs €600M in 3 years.

I first read about this on Twitter via Brian Caulfield …

Brian CVC RE I think the 900 jobs is credible. The €600m of revenues is a stretch. Usual metrics would suggest about €100m+.

I read the original article and started thinking “How could there be such a huge discrepancy between these two takes”? I know Brian and he’s been around the block a time or three. So I decided to do my own analysis and calculations, and tweeted this …

dhkirk @BrianCVC I’d say €300M cumulative 3yrs is stretch and potentially doable (drastic changes needed). At €100m job=>600 based on rev/employee

And again, another wildly different “take”.

Now I know what assumptions I’m making about start-up success/failure rates, revenue ramp-up expectations and revenue/employee, but I have no idea what the author of the original claim of “ 900 jobs €600M” is using, but I’d be really curious to see those assumptions, particularly since there is such a great discrepancy in these three takes.

Anyone out there know? Or can find out?