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I personally hate infographics but sometime they are just the best way to make something instantly clear. This goes also for the one below.

When mentoring start-ups and talking about equity, cap-tables, funding rounds etc. the term “dilution” come sup time and again. For most first time founders it has no meaning, they just want to get funded, bring their product to market and exit. During these funding rounds they sometimes get what’s know in industry terms “diluted to f*ck”.

Have a look at the below infographic and you will understand:

With all the discussion and news lately about different levels of investment (seed, angel, VC) it is quite often overlooked that there is a need for the proper agreements and contracts to be put in place. The prospect of having to deal with these types of paperwork or even the content of such documents is quite often daunting and confusing for a starting entrepreneur who might have no experience with this. One way to overcome this “fear” can be by having a look at these types of documents before you reach the point where you are actually involved in negotiations. That way you’re not under pressure to sign anything yet. However it is quite often hard to get access to such documents. Legal professionals will more often than not charge you and other entrepreneurs will be wary to share the agreements that they have already signed.

So when I came across four good sources of useful draft documents I thought it might be good to put them in a blog-post. Now these are all very US centric but they will give you a clear insight of what is contained in these documents and might point out any issues that you might encounter. Read them and learn but do not take them as absolute gospel. Each individual situation is different. Also understand that putting terms & conditions in an agreement is not a sign if distrust, rather it is a way to get everything on the table, clarify each parties position and interest and avoid any future confusion. Everyone will benefit from this.

Disclaimer: These are not final documents and should only be used for guidance. Always, and I mean ALWAYS, consult a qualified legal professional before drafting or signing any documents!