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It has been impossible in the last few days to miss all the public & political outrage about the Irish Taoiseach (prime-minister) playing a round of golf with Sean Fitzpatrick (the man responsible for running Anglo Irish and thereby the whole Irish economy into the ground) not to long before the Irish State issued a blanket depositor guarantuee for all Irish banks.

Now we all know by now that Anglo, AIB and a number of other Irish financial institutions were already running on fumes by then. A large part of the Irish public and all of the Irish opposition parties now are suggesting that Sean Fitzpatrick and Brian Cowen would have most likely have discussed Anglo Irish Banks performance during this game of golf and still issuing the deposit guarantee with this prior knowledge would make Brian Cowen guilty of “economic treason” as Eamon Gilmore so succinctly put it.

Now my personal opinion is that this is a storm in a teacup and should have very little relevance. First of all Fianna Fail have already more than proven that they are either the most corrupt party that has ever ruled Ireland or grossly incompetent or both. Either way they should be removed from office as soon as possible and will (fingers crossed) not survive the next general election. Seeing that this election will most likely take place in March as I predicted a few months ago there is really no point to force Cowen to resign now. This could quite likely lead to a premature general election and that is really the last thing we need.

Here is why: the next general election is a crucial one as not only has the current ruling party run this country into the ground resulting to debts that the next generation of Irish people will still be repaying, the opposition parties have idly stood by and let this happen. Fianna Fail’s policies and actions were so grossly incompetent that to mount a succesful opposition to them at any point since 2008 would be like scoring an open goal. Instead Fine Gael has been preoccupied by hiding their embarrassingly impotent frontman Enda Kenny while Labour is just spouting the usual rhetoric (bad, bad, bad) while lacking any coherent policies.

This means that we need an influx of fresh blood in our political playing field. While a few new parties have recently been formed and a few more will hopefully emerge soon it will take these new players some time to establish themselves and to mount an effective election campaign. The time left between now and next March is already very short so any less time will relegate these new and much-needed parties to the fringes of Irish politics. And that people would leave the door wide open to a Labour/FG, Labour/SF or even a FG/FF coalition government. It is enough to make me wake up screaming at night….